This is the greatest slots game around, derived from the award winning BBC TV game show of the same name Deal or No Deal slots incorporates all the excitement of the tv show and even the money winning element too :)

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Deal Or No Deal

I’m pretty sure everyone reading this will be familiar with the TV game show of the same name. If your not you must have been living in a cave for a very long time! The show is fronted by the ubiquitous Noel Edmonds, who I admit, I rather like with his never ending abundance of wit and energy. The game involves contestants “guessing” what amount of prize money is in the twenty three identical boxes

The first randomly chosen player selects another contestants box which is then opened and the cash inside is then removed from the cash board, this happens four more times before the “Banker” gives the contestant a cash offer. If the player decides “No deal” they then pick another three boxes per round, with the question “deal or no deal” after every offer from the banker until there are only two boxes remaining. The banker the offers his final cash prize, if the contestant still says no deal, the banker can offer to “swap the box” with the other remaining box. The outcome being that the player gets the cash amount in the box that they end up with, which could be a huge £250,000 ! If at any point in the game the player accepts the bankers offer ie. “deal” the contestant takes home what ever the bankers offer was.

The Slots Version

The slots version of this exciting game is rather more difficult, it has a subtitle, The Banker’s Riches, it is a five reel game with twenty paylines, lots of bonus features and on top of this it also has a progressive jackpot. There are the usual J,Q,K & A symbols but there are some others that are taken from the show such as Noel’s Mug, the bankers seal, a silhouette of the banker himself and the shows circular centrepoint.

Slots Are And Always Will Be  A Classic Game

Millions of gamers and gamblers all over the world owe a great debt of gratitude to Charles Fey. He was the man who invented the slot machine, way back in the final years of the 19th century. There is some debate as to whether the machine was built in 1887 or 1895 but there is no doubt that he was the man behind it all. Fey managed to create a machine that contained three individual reels which contained five symbols. The symbols were a horseshoe, a diamond, a spade, a heart and the Liberty Bell, from which the first ever slot machine took its name.

The prize for getting three Liberty Bells was ten nickels, a good sum at the time. The Liberty Bell machine proved to be a huge success and before too long, Fey was struggling to keep up with the demand for the machines. As you would expect, Fey sought to licence out the game to capitalise on its popularity and there were many other variations on the slots. One of the most impressive things about slot machines is that no matter how much technology has progressed over the years, there is still a strong link to the original machine. When an idea works so well, there is no need to tamper with it too much!

Slots have progressed a lot over the years

There has been a progression for slots over the years through. While the original machine had three reels and one pay-line, you only have to look at modern slots to see the alternatives. 5, 7 and even 9 reels are common place in many casinos and with online technology packing more in, this could continue to rise. There has also been a phenomenal jump in the number of winning lines that can be found in these games. Playing slots used to be simple and a game you could keep an eye on every winning option but nowadays, this is impossible. Thankfully the technology utilised with slots ensures that you will never miss out on any potential pay-line as long as you pay for the line. A great example of this is on Deal or No Deal slots

One of the most important elements of slots today is the progressive jackpot game. This is where there is a chance to win a huge sum of money from playing slots and the biggest gaming prizes ever won have all been on progressive slots. With computer technology allowing a range of machines to link up to the same network, there is an even larger ability for progressive jackpot games to reach monumental levels, increasing the excitement and drama for everyone.
A major factor in the success of slots and the progressive jackpots is that there is no real need for skill to be a big winner. Luck can be the over-riding factor in a slots win which is why it is such a popular game. It doesn’t cost a lot of money to play (although the more pay lines you play for, the more you have to pay) and it doesn’t have to take a lot of time, so there is no reason for anyone to give these games a miss.

They are very popular with players and casino owners

Slots are immensely popular with players and they are also immensely popular with casino owners. The fact that when you enter a casino you are met with a bank of slots indicates their popularity and it is unique to see something that unites both players and casino owners in something. Slots remain at the very heart of casino fun and action and will continue to do so for a very long time. This can be seen with the way that online casino sites and mobile betting apps have provided an increasing number of slot games, eg Deal Or No Deal Slots for players. Slots are perfectly suited for play on smart phones and tablets, which means that they will be at the forefront of the online and mobile casino gaming revolution for years to come.

The fact that slots remain as fresh, innovative and exciting today as they did when they first introduced to the gaming world shows how great an activity it is. Whether you view a slots player as an aging woman with a bucket of quarters in front of her or a young person having casino fun on their smart phone or tablet, there is no getting away from the fact that slots are something that everyone can enjoy.

If you’re looking for a classic casino game where luck means you are only one step away from a big win, slots would have to be on your horizon. Where as if you’re looking to place a sports bet on the upcoming Premier League you should take a look at the best betting websites and choose a free bet from one of them.

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